Infertility Treatments

Discover female and male infertility treatments

Your best approach to fertility treatment will depend on the cause of your infertility. Has your doctor diagnosed the root of the problem? Are there underlying medical conditions that should be kept in mind? Can you handle the procedure, both physically and emotionally? Consider all of the aspects of your infertility before you decide on your next step.

Fertility Treatment Options

Infertility can result from male reproductive issues, female problems or a combination of both. Fertility monitors will help a couple track the ovulation cycle and determine when the woman is most fertile, but more advanced measures will be needed if there is a problem with reproductive health.

Male infertility treatment will typically focus on improving sperm count or motility (the movement of the sperm), and in many cases this can be accomplished with the help of fertility drugs that encourage hormone production and metabolic processes. This is also a good option for women who have irregular ovulation cycles, but they do carry some side effects and may not work for everyone. Surgery may be an option for blocked fallopian tubes in women or obstructed vas deferens in men; if this doesn't remedy the couple's fertility problem, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy or egg donation are the options to consider.

About Fertility Treatment

Treatment of infertility is financially draining as well as emotionally taxing; one IVF treatment cycle will not be cheap, but if you decide to undergo several treatments it will cost a small fortune. However, infertility insurance coverage is available to help you to deal with the financial burden of infertility treatments. Standard health insurance involves paying a monthly premium to your provider in return for payment toward certain fertility procedures, while infertility insurance refund programs require you to pay the full amount for treatment but will refund your money if the treatment does not work. Another option is to finance your fertility treatment with a loan, to be paid back once you conceive.

Infertility is a difficult diagnosis to receive, and many couples will depend on emotional support as well as financial support to help them through. Help for infertility can come in the form of online support groups, national fertility associations and fertility clinics. Remember that one in seven American couples will suffer from fertility problems, and so there is a strong infertility support system already in place to share information, experience and comfort.

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